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Co-Founder | Ex-consultant

Dimitris Samouris

Dimitri is a recovering management consultant with a decade's experience in professional services, specialising in commercial diligence and growth strategy for software and education businesses during his tenure at EY-Parthenon. After leaving consulting, he retrained as a software engineer and got to work using AI to take away the worst parts of his former job.

Dimitri holds degrees in Modern History & Politics from the University of Oxford and International Relations from the LSE.

Outside of LLMs and consulting, he is passionate about basketball, politics, poker and gyro souvlaki.

Co-Founder | Engineering

Nico Moschopoulos

Nico is a software engineer with experience at companies such as Airbnb, Petal, and Creative Juice. He is a driven entrepreneur, having spent a career in and around startups.

Before joining Airbnb, he studied EECS at UC Berkeley.

Nico loves food, even doing a small sabbatical to work at Noma for a season :D

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