Consulting & AI
What is Junior and what can it do?

Junior is an AI-powered copilot built for consultants conducting research. Junior takes away all the admin and grunt work associated with the job, to free you and your teams up to do what consultants do best: thinking deeply about a problem on behalf of their clients.

Our first module streamlines and simplifies the primary research workstream: no more note-taking, transcript cleaning, summarising, quote-hunting or manual data entry - just drop in an audio file, and Junior does all the donkey work for you!

What type of engagements does Junior work for?

All types! Any project that has a primary research component - whether you are speaking to experts externally in the market or staff members in your client’s organisation - gets value out of Junior.

Our firm has a particular output style - can Junior write like us?

Absolutely! The standard off-the-shelf output is typically a high quality first draft, but can be fine-tuned to your firm’s requirements to produce output materially closer to final draft. Reach out to us so we can explain how this works!

What else will Junior be able to do?

We have a very ambitious product roadmap that is guided by a simple mission: to give you the power of AI to take away the worst parts of the job and focus on the most rewarding bits.

We’ve all done our time in the white-collar trenches: staying late to clean transcripts, align boxes on a slide or build yet another scenario in the market model. There is a better way, and we want to build it for you.

Using Junior
How do I get started?

Fill out the waitlist form and our team will get back to you ASAP to discuss your organisation’s needs. We typically arrange a short pilot period for your organisation to test Junior’s impact on workflows before rolling out fully.

How do I use the tool?

Junior takes in either an audio / video file, an AI-generated transcript or your typewritten notes, and outputs a high quality transcript tuned to consulting standards.

We have a full set of documentation here if you’d like to learn more about how the various features work.

How do I access Junior / log in?

We do not facilitate email and password log-ins in order to maintain the highest levels of security for our clients. Access is via SSO only.

Why not use other transcription software?

Many of our customers switched off Otter or using AI-generated transcripts from the expert networks. We have developed a custom transcription solution that outperforms both, and removes all the guff from a verbatim transcript that is not useful for your teams or client.

The value from Junior comes from having all your project-specific calls in one place to build a research knowledge corpus, with workflow tools built on top to help teams move to output faster

How does support work?

Our customer support team is available between 08.00-00.00 UK time and respond to email, phone and chat. We set up a dedicated channel for each of your project teams on Teams, Slack or Hangouts.

How is Junior priced?

Exact pricing depends on several factors but is usage-driven with unrestricted seat access.

Please contact our team to help us understand your usage requirements.

Data Security & Privacy
Where does our data sit?

Your data sits on AWS servers. Here is a


to additional information regarding data protection and privacy on AWS.

All customer data is processed and stored in the US. We do not currently store data in Europe or in other countries. You own all rights to the data, any GDPR requests can be fulfilled by emailing dimitris@myjunior.ai.

How do you guarantee that only the approved users have access to a certain project?

We implement industry-standard best practices around data access, including both organisation-level filters (every customer has their own URL, firmname.myjunior.ai) and role-based permissions (matching your internal policies). We maintain row-level permissions at the database level (the most granular degree of control possible) to ensure that only users with the right access controls can even see the data.

We only allow OAuth to ensure the highest degree of security on login for your organisations’ users. We do not allow email and password logins.

How is our data protected?

All access to Junior is over HTTPS and TLS 1.3.

When we call OpenAI APIs, the API is only available over TLS and therefore requests and responses are encrypted.

You use Large Language Models to power your application. How does our data interface with these models?

Our application utilises OpenAI's and Deepgram’s models via APIs.

All of these models are ‘pre-trained’, meaning your data is by definition not used as an input to the development of those models. OpenAI’s default position is that data passed through their models will not be used in the development of future models, unless opted into. We will never opt into this on your behalf.

OpenAI do retain user prompts (i.e. instructions to the AI) for a maximum of 30 days, before they are deleted. This is in order to ensure that nefarious actors are not abusing the LLM for criminal purposes.

You can read more about OpenAI’s usage policies here and their API data usage policies here.

Please note that these data policies do not apply to OpenAI’s Non-API consumer services like ChatGPT or DALL-E, which is why you should be using Junior - a secured computing environment - for your confidential client work!

What cybersecurity certifications do you have?

We have engaged with several SOC2 audit vendors to understand what is required to successfully pass the audit and have begun taking steps to align our internal processes to this end.

We expect to acquire the relevant certifications in the near future.

The OpenAI API is SOC2 Type 2 compliant.